Five tips for teaching business English

13th Mar 2015

Many teachers of English as a foreign language feel intimidated by the prospect of teaching business English. This often stems from the perception that teaching business English is the same thing as teaching business studies. In fact, it’s more about […]

Tests blamed for blighting children’s lives

4th Mar 2015

The following is a summary of an education review which raises vital issues about primary education. You might like to consider your own system and send in comments. “Tests blamed for blighting children’s lives” “Our children tested to destruction” These […]

Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries of The World

23rd Feb 2015

Unexplained Mystery #1: BigfootHe’s big, he’s hairy, and he’s starred in his own TV show. Bigfoot is world-famous for spooking the bejesus out of hikers and hunters in North America. Scientists consider Sasquatch to be the result of folklore, misidentification […]

What differentiates Europeans from Americans

23rd Feb 2015

The Western world (i.e. Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand) could be considered as a single “Western civilisation”. ‘Westernness’ could be defined by people who are ethnically or culturally European, in other words people of European descent or speaking […]

Почни ја новата година со нов јазик

2nd Jan 2015

Се формираат групи по Англиски и Германски за деца од 6 до 12 години. Почни навреме да ги развиваш своите јазични вештини преку игра и тимска работа со твоите другарчиња. Ангел Вес те очекува од 1 јануари до 10 февруари. Зимските […]

Business Grammar

2nd Jan 2015

Business Grammar – How to lead, interrupt and close a meeting Have you ever sat in a meeting at work and felt like you wanted to contribute but weren’t sure how? Maybe you wanted to summarize at the end of the meeting or […]

English Vocabulary Class

2nd Jan 2015

Idioms are expressions that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words. Well, this English vocabulary class is all about idioms that are quite humorous. Ready to smile? 1. The lights are on, but nobody’s home We use […]

Reading Comprehension – Halloween story

2nd Jan 2015

Halloween is a great time of year for everybody. The holiday itself is on the 31st every year and is a fun time for families and friends. During Halloween people enjoy getting dressed up in scary costumes like witches or […]


26th Dec 2014

Учењето на странски јазик е непроценливо богатство кое отвара нови врати. Збогати го твојот свет. Најди ја твојата група и  запиши се на Англиски, Германски, Француски, Шпански, Италијански, Руски или Грчки. Есенски семестар: Од 1 септември до 10 октомври Зимски семестар: Од […]

Ангел Вес